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Walk on Baum Boulevard Part Two: Studebaker Dealer

The first part of my walk on Baum Boulevard can be found here on our other blog. It was a nice Saturday morning for a nice stroll, even though it was pretty cold out. I wanted to check out all of the cool things on Baum Boulevard. There are lots of endangered historic buildings in this part of town and I wanted to check them out, see the changes, and possibly raise awareness with you guys about how much potential this part of town has. On the first part of my walk, I checked out the site of the former Luna Park. This section of Baum Boulevard housed a part of the original famed Lincoln Highway. It also housed an extensive streetcar line. The most important part of history with this stretch of road is the importance it had upon auto production. It was so important that it became known as "Automobile Row," housing dealers and even an original Ford Model T assembly plant.

One of the coolest remaining buildings, a former Studebaker dealer, has several occupants now, including the Carnegie Library for their library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. There are also several auto businesses based in this large building that stretches from Baum Boulevard to Centre Avenue.
 This courtyard area was utilized for driving cars in and out of the complex.
One of the more strange apartment building setups.
 Here is an advertisement from the June 10th, 1923 edition of the Gazette Times.

I am leaving you with a view of the Schenley Rail Tunnel from the former Pittsburgh Junction Railroad. The tunnel measures in at 2872 feet long and still in use. It was built way back in 1883. Instead of boring the tunnel, they simply dug a trench, built a structure, and covered it back over. They anticipated growth in this section of town, then one of the easternmost limits of the city. A suburban area would soon sprout up. Imagine that this is like the tunnel on Mr. Rogers for the Neighborhood Trolley and it is taking us to part three of our stroll down Baum Boulevard. I will post that some time in the next few days.

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