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Hector Falls, Allegheny National Forest, Ludlow, Warren County, PA

Hector Falls is a stunning waterfall. While measuring in at just over 20 feet, it is not the height of this set of falls that is so impressive, it is the way this set of falls travels down a 20 foot boulder that has a near 90 degree corner. The rock formation on its own would be awesome. It is even more incredible with a waterfall flowing over it.
The stunning Hector Falls
I followed the coordinates to the point directed. Unfortunately, the spot was heavily logged at some point. The usable logs were taken away, and all of the branches were just piled around. This kind of forest decimation is the reason the state and national forest areas within the state were created. Many of the state forests around the state were formed because they were fully logged, with refuse branches piled around. Sparks from the locomotives at the time would light up the branches and huge wildfires would spread. The state purchased many of these wastelands, planted trees, and the beautiful State Forests that we enjoy today were born. Unfortunately, large swaths of Allegheny National Forests are being logged in a similar fashion again today, once again. It is disappointing considering how much natural beauty and potential the area has for recreational use. Hector Falls is an excellent example of this natural beauty. The hike from the closest coordinate point on the road to the falls was just over a mile each way. Thankfully the logging appears to be finished, roughly a half mile from the falls. 
Some of the logging activity within a half mile of the falls.
 They had better not get any closer to the falls with the logging activity, because the immediate area of the falls is absolutely pristine.
I love the way that resilient Hemlock adapted to the treacherous environment with roots down the side of that boulder. The creek flows under some giant boulders underground after this point and reemerges downstream.
The view down the mini gorge/rock outcropping

Hector Falls is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, they are threatened with nearby logging activity. I wish these falls were better known, for they are one of my favorite sets in the entire state for how unique they are. As far as directions go, be sure to follow these coordinates. These are located pretty deep into the woods and are unmarked. I took a primitive trail to the falls. The easier route is to park at the gates to an old road at the parking coordinates, and then walk in. I parked on the side of the road where the logging area starts and hiked roughly a mile each way. The old road/walking path is also roughly a mile each way in. The effort is well worth it. 

Plug into your GPS the Parking CoordinatesN 41° 41.712 W 078° 58.845
Hector Falls are located at this set of coordinates:  N 41° 41.118 W 078° 58.504

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