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Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, the chronicling of our travels have culminated in us being recognized as Pennsylvania travel experts. We are passionate about travel and love to write about our adventures across Pennsylvania and beyond on our Pennsylvania travel blog. For three years we have written and talked about hundreds of great destinations in every region of the state. Being based in Pittsburgh, with family on the other side of the state in the Lehigh Valley, we have the unique perspective of having lived on both sides of the state. We have experienced both sides of the state as both residents and visitors, also enabling us to visit many places through the central part of this great commonwealth. We love Pennsylvania and work to convey this love to you.
Us riding Leap the Dips, the world's oldest roller coaster at Lakemont Park in Altoona, PA
From our beginnings two years ago, our blog gets tens of thousands of visitors monthly and we have inspired many people to visit the hundreds of featured destinations that we talk about on our page and destinations map. We are proud Pennsylvanians and try to see the beauty in everything that we see. We strive to be honest in everything we write, in addition to having personally checked out each of these destinations. We love bringing exposure to the many great places that our state has to offer. 

As a teacher, I work to utilize my time and money as best I can. I realize that many other people have the same time and budgetary constraints as I do, and fortunately, Pennsylvania offers many different places to visit and explore that fit within these constraints. We have visited every region of the state at one point or another, and have an overall familiarity with these places. Having grown up in Allentown, and spent the last ten years in Pittsburgh, an affinity for the state and travel around the state has grown from within me. We are always driving across the state and checking out different places. 

We started Interesting Pennsylvania in 2014 and have steadily grown in our two years of existence. Our other travel blog, Coaster Talk No BS Zone, was started in 2012. In 2013 we authored the book Great Pennsylvania Amusement Parks Road Trip, covering the ten awesome and historical amusement parks throughout the state, in addition to some of the cool attractions within a close vicinity of the parks. 

If this is your first time visiting our site, welcome aboard, explore, and check these places out on your own. You will surely not regret visiting these awesome destinations for some fun getaways.

David and Brittany Witoslawski

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