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Allegheny Reservoir and Rimrock Overlook in Autumn

One of our absolute favorite places to visit during the height of autumn color is the Allegheny Reservoir and Allegheny National Forest. This area seems to just pop and explode with autumn color and the stark Allegheny River Valley is really something to see. The giant boulders at the Rimrock Overlook and the hiking around them are an awesome place to hit during blue hour and through sunset. 
Just below Kinzua Dam
There are several pull-offs for scenic overlooks and vistas as you go up the reservoir. You see the meandering starkness of the river valley jut above this deep reservoir and with a splash of autumn color it is truly breathtaking.

Northern side of Jake's Rocks view. This "portal" style view through the trees is just incredible.
As I said earlier, Rimrock is the place to be during blue hour towards sunset. Seeing the vibrant fall colors get accentuated by the setting sun is really something special. To get down to this spot you go down a set of wooden steps.

Heading between the boulders
To get to the bottom of the rocks you go down a set of steps carved into the boulders, which feels like descending into another world, almost like something out of a movie.

Here you can see Brit with CeCe. CeCe absolutely loves these adventures.

Once you reach the bottom of Rimrock, you can walk around the outcrop and then back up and around on a cool little hike.

Sunset time!

Sunsets are magical at Rimrock



Stone Mountain Hawk Watch: Mifflin County and Rothrock State Forest

The Stone Mountain Hawk Watch is on the Huntingdon and Mifflin County Border and serves as a hawk migration count location during the peak migration seasons. Even without bird sightings, the overlook is breathtaking. It gives a beautiful view of the topography in this area and requires a fun jaunt through state forest roads, one of my favorite ways to traverse the state. The platform was built by volunteers from the State College Bird Club and Juniata Valley Audobon. To get to the platform you follow a short, .25 mile trail along the ridge top. The winds were not conducive to migration on the day that we went, but the view is still spectacular, nonetheless. On active days, like right now, you should see hundreds of different raptors, including hawks, eagles, and more. 

A view of the state forest roads to get up here.

Follow the trail from these GPS coordinates
40.568943, -77.828610


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