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Brown's Orchard and Cider, McDonald, Washington County

This time of the year is fantastic for one of Pennsylvania's apple growers. Brown's Orchard and Cider in McDonald, PA. It is is one of our favorite places because their apple quality and cider are always on point. They focus only upon apples, and grow fifty different varieties. Their ciders and apple sauces are absolutely top notch. 
Dating back five generations, Brown's Orchard is a local institution. Since 1856, this land has served as an agricultural center. Around the turn of the 20th century, they began growing fruit. In 1933 they purchased a commercial cider press and have since been turning out fantastic cider. As a cider connoisseur, I can vouch that their stuff is the best I have ever had. Brown's Orchard is well worth going out of your way to visit.
For more information, check out their website at https://www.brownsorchardandcider.com


Brady's Bend Overlook in Autumn: Allegheny River View in Clarion County

The Brady's Bend Overlook, high above the a bend of Allegheny River in Clarion County, is one of our favorite places for a quick afternoon drive from Pittsburgh. The view is just stunning, no matter the season, but especially in autumn. For some more seasonal views and background on this spot, check out this previous article of ours.
I love the way the hills look gently rounded out on the other side of the river. 
Caught behind a cloud for a minute.
Here comes the sun!
Looking out the other direction.
"You haven't lived until you have looked down upon a hawk." I agree! While hang gliding is no longer allowed in this location, you can still look down upon the hawks from this location. Unfortunately, the man who was quoted in this plaque died while hang gliding in this location. 

As always, we highly recommend checking out Brady's Bend, especially in the fall!

When you get down to the banks of the river, you will run into the Armstrong Trail, which runs thirty miles down the old Allegheny Railroad right-of-way in the area. Lots of old rail infrastructure remains, including the remnants of an old turntable, an old and closed tunnel across this horseshoe curve in the river, and more. The overlook also has benches and picnic tables, making it an excellent place to bring a picnic lunch to. It is located near many other great attractions in the PA Great Outdoors Region, including some really good eateries, and accommodations. Clarion River Brewing Company is located nearby, along with the Inn at Deer Creek Winery


Kennerdell Overlook in Autumn: A View Over the Allegheny River in Venango County

The Kennerdell Overlook, along the Allegheny River in Venango County, is just stunning in the fall. We visited towards the end of October last year and there was just this stunning glow of gold. 
We just wanted to take it in and never leave. This is one of our favorite scenic overlooks in Western Pennsylvania. The drive to it from Pittsburgh is just gorgeous. It is perfect for a quiet and aimless afternoon drive.
The curvy Allegheny River, making aggressive cuts through the plateau geology of the region is so neat to see.
For more information on how to get to the overlook, and a historical background on it, check out our other article on it at this link.

For more awesome scenic overlooks, check out this article.

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