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Sara's Restaurant: Yummy Americana at Presque Isle State Park & Waldameer Park in Erie

For us, one of the first places we ever went to in Erie on a beautiful day at the beach and riding the great rides at Waldameer Park was Sara's Restaurant in Erie. It is home to delicious and affordable food and is the epitome of Americana for us. Best of all, the outdoor seating is dog friendly and they even make ice cream sundaes specifically for the pups. Sara's serves classic drive-in style food, including burgers, hot dogs, fries, zucchini fries, milkshakes, ice cream, and more. 
For 42 years, visitors to Erie and Presque Isle State Park have gone to this restaurant and it seems to be even more popular than ever. It is a booming place, along with its neighbor across the street, Waldameer and Water World. Visiting them is something that is so special for us. A flavor that you just never forget. Comfort food that you recognize immediately and you know that you are at your happy place. It is a tough thing to fully describe a feeling, but Sara's is such a special place for us.
This special place was created with that plucky entrepreneurial spirit of the Erie region. The owner founded an ice cream stand at the suggestion of his mother, and then named it Sara's after his mother. Since then, no visit to Erie in the spring, summer, or fall is complete without getting a delicious meal from them. In addition to the food, the experience is just great. They have purchased all sorts of antique signs, an antique gas pump, and even an old stainless diner building. I feel like Sara's and nearby Waldameer Park bring the boardwalk experience to the beach experience of Presque Isle State Park. 

Burgers, zucchini fries, and a shake, yum yum!

Buddy and CeCe enjoying the dog sundae. These were the last few hours that Buddy had to wear his cone. We rescued him just a week before and this was his first trip. 

Sara's is such a special place and we always highly recommend checking it out. It is open from Spring through Fall and 


Buttonwood Covered Bridge, Lycoming County

Buttonwood Covered Bridge in Lycoming County is a cute little span in a rugged rural spot. A lumber operation runs adjacent to it, showcasing the heritage that led to the bridge getting built in the first place. The symbolism is not lost on me. Often times, the mill or commercial activity around the bridge 
I understand the importance of the so called "headache bars" for ensuring people follow the height requirement. Aesthetically displeasing, but sadly necessary. Either way though, this is a neat span. It is 74 feet long and crosses Blockhouse Creek. 

It has Queen Post Construction with a King Post Truss. Some sources say it was built in 1898, and other sources say it was built in 1878. Origins look murky. Lycoming County takes care of its preservation and really does a nice job with things. 

You can see this bridge if you look to the east on US 15/Interstate 99 in Jackson Township, Lycoming County, and is located on Covered Bridge Road. It is a fine spot to get out and stretch your legs if you are on a road trip out this way. 


Big Mike's Steaks and Hoagies and Forksville Covered Bridge: Near Worlds End State Park in Sullivan County's Endless Mountains

Just about the last place you would expect to find an authentic Philly cheesesteak is in the middle of the woods, about 3 hours from the city, but that is the case at Big Mike's Steaks and Hoagies at the historic Forksville General Store building, just outside of the Worlds End State Park boundary in one of the most scenic and remote areas of the state. They have ample space indoors, and a beautiful grove outdoors that overlooks beautiful Loyalsock Creek and the large and historic Forksville Covered Bridge. Additionally, the outdoor grove dining area is dog friendly, which is perfect for us. 
This place has one of the most compelling and random backstories of any eatery. Big Mike moved to the area and opened up his eatery in 1999 and it has steadily grown ever since. It is definitely booming now, which is awesome for the area. It is a lively hub of activity in one of the most beautiful areas of the state. He has opened up a South Philly style cheesesteak shop in this area, and it really is an anchor for the whole area. 

They also authentically source their bread and more, right from Philly. They also have sodas from Allentown's fantastic A-Treat and other delicious menu options that are not cheesesteaks as well.

The food is fantastic and the scenery is incredible. Such a pleasant place to spend some time and relax. We highly recommend visiting it and the beautiful surrounding area. It is located just off the edge of World's End State Park, and about a 40 minute ride west from Rickett's Glen State Park. If you are coming to Rickett's Glen from the west, like we do, we definitely recommend routing yourself through Forksville to get a bite to eat at Big Mike's and visit Worlds End State Park as well. 

For more info on visiting them, check out their website at https://www.forksvillestore.com
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