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Tioga Reservoir/Tioga-Hammond Lakes Overlook and Recreation Area, Opposite Route 15/I99 Overlook

So we recently covered the beautiful scenic overlook at the Route 15/I-99 Welcome Center. Today we take a look from the other side, looking towards it, from the little strip of land between the Tioga and Hammond Lakes, an abrupt rocky formation that is a fantastic place to have a picnic. 
While the view is not as sweeping as the view from up on the mountain on Route 15, here you can see how impressive and bold this road cut was. Engineering and human effort in action to harness nature and have it work together. Between the road cut and the giant dam for the lakes, this is a really impressive place to see.



Weaver's Mill Covered Bridge: Lancaster County

Weaver's Mill Covered Bridge is surrounded by agricultural land in Lancaster County. For a guide on other covered bridges in Lancaster County, the county with the most covered bridges in PA, check out our guide

I particularly like the large stone entry ways leading up to the bridge. 

The bridge is 82 feet long and dates back to 1879. It utilizes the Burr Arch-Truss method of construction and it crosses the Conestoga River.

40.141323, -75.997804


Beartown Rocks: An Awesome Rock City in Clear Creek State Forest

We have gone to Beartown Rocks before, and I appreciated it even more on this visit. This rock city is very pretty, and the sandstone weathering on this outcropping is especially beautiful and different from other rock cities across the state. Us and the pups had a great time walking around it. 
The weathering, moss, lichen, and odd shapes of the rocks is something that is so neat to see. The weathering process in general is such a neat concept and the wildly different results depending upon the makeup of the rocks is a terrific insight into the power of nature. 
These rocks predate human history. Seeing the way these rocks get whittled down over the years is really special. To top off the beauty of Beartown Rocks, there is even a scenic overlook at the highest point, with steps to the top of the boulder, to give a stunning view of the Clarion River Valley as it meanders through the area. 
It is such a chill, relaxing, and beautiful spot to be, especially in the evening hours as the sun begins to dip. It is also located just a few minutes from the entrance to Clear Creek State Park, and within short proximity of Cook Forest State Park and Allegheny National Forest. Rugged, scenic, and beautiful lands. 
Hidden within Clear Creek State Forest in Jefferson County is Beartown Rocks, a beautiful rock formation that consists of nearly house sized boulders, leading to an overlook of the Clarion Valley. The rocks are spread out far enough that it is said that the spaces between are like little roads, thus leading to "town" fitting the bill in being a part of the name. 
Beartown Rocks is pretty easy to find if you are in the are in the area of Clear Creek State Park. It is located not too far from the perimeter of the state park, just off of Corbett Road, an unpaved State Forest Road that leads almost right to Clear Creek State Park.
When coupled with the surrounding beautiful countryside that includes Clear Creek State ParkCook Forest State Park, and other regional attractions, this is a great spot to stop and check out.

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