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GAP Trail: McKeesport Connecting Railroad Bridge

This bridge once served the McKeesport Connecting Railroad that connected the McKeesport Tube Plant with the Duquesne Works across the Mononogahela River. This bridge was only wide enough for a single track and measures 324 feet long. 
 The view approximately 49 feet down to the river. You can see the surface they put over the original beams
 The view across to the McKeesport-Duquesne Bridge. I always enjoy the view going across on that bridge.
 Another look at the trusses. Everything I can find says that the bridge dates back to 1890.
 This dedication plaque on one of the beams says 1891. 

 It is awesome to see this 124 year old bridge flourish in a new use. Just in the time I stopped to take photos, I saw dozens of folks cross the bridge. I am sure that at one point or another there were considerations to take this bridge down. Now it is thriving as a thoroughfare for the awesome Great Allegheny Passage Trail, providing a hub for recreation from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. The roundhouse that we talked about yesterday is located near the bridge. Perhaps we could see a cool little museum and rest station in the building for the trail? Maybe a nice place to duck into in the middle of a storm? I think there is lots of potential along the McKeesport waterfront to create a thriving center for recreation and employment for the Mon Valley. 

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