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The Former Burgwin Pool in Hazelwood, Pittsburgh

So I was driving through Hazelwood and noticed the old Burgwin Pool and Bathhouse. It was captivating and strange to see a pool in this sort of condition.

Flashback to 1939. The pool is opened with lots of fanfare including a parade, speeches, and a dedication. The nearby Burgwin Elementary school (now closed) was built by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) as a part of FDR's New Deal program. The bathhouse was built in a semi art deco style.
It appears that quite a few neighborhood improvements were occurring at this point. Back then, this neighborhood was a gritty industrial area, with steel mills located front and center. 
With some archive searching, it appears that the pool was closed in 2004.
So this is what ten years of abandonment does to a pool. 

 Plan on going off the deep end? Someone placed some wooden pallets on the end of the pool in what appears to be a MacGyvered diving board. I don't think you want to take the plunge into the weeds though. 

It is a shame to see a huge neighborhood like this not served with a pool. The results of abandonment though are pretty interesting to look at.

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  1. I'm 71 and I loved the pool at Burgwin School.


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