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Ohiopyle and Youghiogheny River Lake Recreation Area

A few weeks ago we wanted to go camping and have a nice and relaxing weekend getaway. We frequently go down to the area of Ohiopyle State Park and wanted to try out the Youghiogheny River Lake Recreation Area, just upstream from the state park near Confluence, PA. The getaway did not disappoint! Our first stop was for dinner in Ohiopyle at the Ohiopyle House Cafe. Below you can see the former rail bridge that currently serves as a bridge for the awesome Great Allegheny Passage bike trail that runs from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, MD, where it meets with the C&O Canal Towpath Trail that runs to Washington, DC. Ohiopyle is roughly in the center of the Great Allegheny Passage. 
 The Ohiopyle House Cafe is located in an old hotel building that is from the late 1800s. The cafe's emphasis is on farm-to-table entrees.
 The lemon, basil, and strawberry infused water was so refreshing.
 The view from the patio was excellent. Just behind the shadowed trees is the Yough River Valley. The bike trail runs right through here.
 One of the nicest things about the dishes at the cafe was the simplicity. This burger was simply a very large and juicy patty with cheese on fried Italian bread. 
Here is the location of the Cafe
 The old train station has been converted into a cool visitor center, museum, and rest area for the bicyclists on the GAP Trail.
 Now to our campsite. We arrived at the Youghiogheny River Lake Recreation Area, near Confluence, PA, at nightfall. 
 The moon was stunning that night.
 Watching the moon rise over the cliff edge of the Yough River Valley is amazing.
 Morning came and the fog had not burned away yet. I am not complaining, it was beautiful.
 The Outflows Campground brings in campers with tents and trailers. The facilities are modern and excellent. This is a great place to keep in mind if you are bicycling the GAP trail, for the trail runs right through the campground and tent sites are located right at the edge of the river.
Initiated under the Flood Control Act of 1938 and dedicated in 1944, the Youghiogheny River Lake Dam was erected as a flood control measure after the devastating St. Patrick's Day Flood of 1936 in Pittsburgh. Kinzua, Loyalhanna, Conemaugh, Crooked Creek, Mahoning Creek. Tionesta Lake, and Tygert Lake Dams were all built under the Flood Control Act of 1938, many of which also provide recreational opportunities in addition to their flood control and navigational purposes. The Yough River Lake Dam is also a hydro electric plant. 
 Right at the dam there is a sand beach and boat launch. The lake is sixteen miles long and has roughly forty miles of shoreline. The end of the lake is actually within Maryland.
 Here is a marker where the highest level of water was held by the dam after the meltdown from the Blizzard of 1993.
 This is the view of the Yough River Valley from the top of the dam, looking towards the campground.
Here is the location for the Youghiogheny River Lake Recreation Area and the Outflows Campground:
 Now back to Ohiopyle, at the stunning Baughman Overlook. The morning fog has burned off.
 Two of the most abundant things at Ohiopyle are shown in this photo, cascades and Mountain Laurel. 
Ohiopyle Falls in its mid summer state. This is little more than a trickle for Ohiopyle Falls, but still impressive nonetheless. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, a ride down the Yough river is always a blast. 

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