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Loyalsock Canyon Vista, Worlds End State Park, Sullivan County, PA

Today we visit Worlds End State Park and the stunning Loyalsock Canyon Vista overlook. The S shaped meanders of the Loyalsock Creek, and its gorge, are beautifully viewed from this stunning overlook. The rugged landscape of this state park, and the surrounding areas, are beautiful beyond words. This beauty is even further exemplified with the flaming yellows, oranges, and reds of the trees in their autumn grandeur.
Canyon Vista, overlooking the abrupt meanders of the Loyalhanna Creek, provides a view that is nothing short of spectacular. At an elevation of 1750 feet and the creek bed having an elevation of roughly 1100 feet, the vista gives a commanding view roughly 650 feet above the lowest point.
The autumn colors were so bright that it looked as if the trees had caught on fire. In the early 20th century this was not the case. The land was almost completely clear cut using irresponsible logging practices. Thanks to a coordinated state and local effort, this and the surrounding areas were replanted. A mature second growth forest has taken root and matured on what was once cut down to a wasteland. A CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) project that employed young men to better the nation during the Great Depression, planted many of the trees that you see today, in addition to building cabins, the dam for the swimming area, hiking trails, roads, and other infrastructure that you see in the state park today.
Looking towards the setting sun.
The Canyon Vista overlook area is fully handicap accessible, something that I strongly commend the park for having the foresight in doing. I believe that everyone should have the chance to enjoy such beautiful and outstanding places.
Some of the forest at the top of the overlook. The Devil's Garden rock formations, in addition to waterfalls and many other scenic opportunities within the gorge, make this an awesome place to visit. Countless hiking trails, including the Loyalsock Trail, pass through the state park. Be sure to check out this awesome area sometime. The Endless Mountains region is gorgeous.

Vista Coordinates: 

41.466058, -76.565057

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