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Banks Covered Bridge and Neshannock Creek Adventures, Lawrence and Mercer Counties

Today we visit the Banks Covered Bridge in Lawrence County. This bridge is located just 20 minutes northeast of the stunning McConnell's Mill Covered Bridge, and it often gets overlooked. It is very beautiful. For those of you who are fans of the West Wing TV show, this area doubled as rural Indiana in the season premier of the fourth season of the show, where President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) kicked off his reelection campaign. A nearby farm was used as a set for a campaign trail speech, and the covered bridge was actually featured in the show. 
Coordinates: 41.090556, -80.286111
Banks Covered Bridge - Built in 1889 and located southeast of New Wilmington, PA
This Burr Arch-Truss bridge measures in at 121 feet long and it crosses the Neshannock Creek, an excellent trout stream that is also has a set of Class II rapids for those who love kayaking and rafting. 

Just across the way is the Neshannock Falls Road concrete arch bridge. This dates back to 1913 and something about it really caught my eye. As I have gained an appreciation for bridges, I will often stop to check out ones that are out of the ordinary. 

Here is a small set of falls on a tributary into Neshannock Creek.

The Neshannock Gorge is pretty and starts right around the covered bridge. This is a pretty rugged section of creek. Here are some foundations from what I believe was an old furnace that was located along this section of the gorge, but it could also be the remnants of a mill. Both were heavily present within this area. That was my hypothesis. With some research, I have found that this site was the location of the Neshannock (Powers) Furnace, and a later dam and mill. The furnace was built in 1852 and is said to have lasted for 10-12 years. 
Venturing along Neshannock Creek, you are sure to see some pretty views

They even have some access areas for kayakers, fisherman, and people who just want to relax by the creek for a little bit.

Overall, this is a pretty quiet area that seems to be often overlooked. Nearby there are a number of other cool things to check out including the Wendell August Forge, Springfield FallsDaffin's Chocolate Kingdom, Harlansburg Train Station Museum, and more. This is an area to spend a laid back day or weekend in. Nearby Seven Sisters Bed and Breakfast is a great place to spend the night in the area. 
Covered Bridge Coordinates:
41.090556, -80.286111

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