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Beautiful & Rural Berks County: Rolling Farm Land, Hawk Mountain & a Literal Fork in the Road

After we left Roadside America, we went for a nice ride through the Berks County countryside. The landscape is magnificent, being dominated by seemingly endless rolling hills covered in farmland. This quiet majesty of this region does not often get talked about, but it should certainly be appreciated. 
Out in the distance you can see the Blue Mountains, the top of which is traversed by the Appalachian Trail. Hawk Mountain, a world renowned location for bird watching, hiking, and nature appreciation, once frequented by Rachel Carson, is located right near here.
Rolling farmland as far as the eye can see.
We were driving along and hit a literal fork in the road when we got to the small village of Centerport. This property once had a corner service station and the corner was home to an old sign. The pillar from the sign was all that was left once it was taken down. This proved to be problematic, so the property owner had a sense of humor and erected this epic statue, a literal fork in the road. 
The first thing that caught my eye in this town though was this relic from a day gone by, a really old school telephone booth. This was not only a shell, but it also had a phone in it. I am not sure if the phone is operational, but I am pretty sure I have not seen a payphone like this one in a good twenty years or so. 
The countryside is dotted with little villages like Centerport. The rolling farmlands of this area of the Schulykill Valley lend themselves for excellent sunset viewing. Rural Berks County is well worth venturing through, to see all of the sights and sites of the area. Roadside America Miniature VillageHawk Mountain, the Appalachian Trail, and Dreibelbis Station Covered Bridge cannot be missed, and all of the area's natural beauty, eclectic attractions and more are a great added bonus. Some of my other favorites in the county include Cabela's, Blue Rocks Campground, Crystal Cave, the Reading Pagoda, the Kutztown Folk Festival, and the many winding country roads. All of these things add up to the makings of fun and relaxing road trips within the county.

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