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Mt. Pisgah Altar: Stone Altar Atop a Mountain, Snyder County

Certainly one of the more unusual things that I have run into is the Mt. Pisgah Altar in Snyder County. It is a stone altar perched atop Shade Mountain. The only other time I have ever run into something like this was at a wedding atop a mountain in California's Yosemite National Park. On a clear day, you can see for miles. On the day that I visited, the altar was up in the clouds, making it feel as if I was up in the heavens. It is certainly a beautiful and beloved place. 
The drive up to the altar is beautiful, leading you through valleys filled with farmland. The altar is located up in those mountains.

The site was built by Robert Cryan of Beaver Springs in 1979. He built it with the intention of having Easter Sunday services at the site. Since then, many weddings, and more have occurred at this beautiful site. A long stone road leads to the altar at the top of the mountain.
For those who like to seek out random things, like I do, this is certainly a place you would like to check out. It is a good place to take in a view, pray, and contemplate.
GPS Coordinates: 40.699043, -77.235597

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  1. Robert Cryan owned the land upon the alter was built, but he commissioned it to be built by a local resident. The alter was actually built by John Wilmer Shank.


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