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Historic Hanna's Town: Rebuilt Frontier Town in Westmoreland County

Hanna's Town is a is a beautiful little village in Westmoreland County. We stumbled upon it on one of our random drives. The numerous 18th century buildings caught our eyes and we had to stop. The village is home to three 18th log houses, and some reconstructed buildings. 
The village was the original founded by Irish and Scotch-Irish immigrants and was the county seat of Westmoreland County, dating back to 1773. In 1782 as one of the final actions of the Revolutionary War, the village was destroyed by the King's 8th Regiment out of Fort Niagara, a Native American tribe, led by Guyasuta, that allied with the British. The village was rebuilt, though the county seat was moved to Greensburg and Forbes Road was rerouted through there instead of the village. Hannastown primarily became a farming community.
These days we are left with a glimpse as to what that village looked like back in those days.

The site also serves as an excellent archaeological spot to give a glimpse into the lifestyles from that time period. With the bulk of the surrounding area being converted into farmland, the area serves as a time capsule, making it an excellent place for archaeological finds. 

The facility is run by the nice folks at the Westmoreland County Historical Society. They are very enthusiastic and welcoming when you visit, telling you about the history of the village and more. For more information on visiting, be sure to check out their website

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