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Raystown Lake Region Hiking: Trough Creek State Park and More

Today we continue our adventures around the Raystown Lake Region with a look at a few of the many hiking opportunities throughout the area. On this trip, we hiked throughout the beautiful Trough Creek State Park. This stunning little state park has so much to offer, with one of the finest short hikes in the state. Several of our other visits to this state park can be seen here, and here.  Within a half mile of hiking, you will cross a suspension bridge, walk in a creek valley, up to the Rainbow Falls Waterfall, and climb up the side of the gorge to Balanced Rock, a stunning rock outcropping. Additional hikes lead throughout the park.
Copperous Rock is a rock face that has strands of ferrous sulfate that give the rock its copper like streaking.
The gorge is filled with hemlocks.
The areas around the road are filled with these beautiful and heavily forested picnic groves. Just writing about it is making me want to go back there right now. 
Balanced Rock, a beautiful rock outcropping, showing from the other side of the gorge. The hike up to it is extremely fun.

The gorge is filled with rhododendrons. I have never seen rhododendrons thrive as much in any other place. The views are absolutely stunning throughout the summer. They are also beautiful to see in the winter as the leaves pull themselves inwards to protect themselves from the cold. 
Brit, Dave's parents, and their dog, Niko, crossing the Suspension Bridge.

Trough Creek Gorge is simply serene. 
A view of the suspension bridge.
The sides of the gorge rocky and covered with moss, ferns, and some determined trees with their gnarly roots.
Rainbow Falls. In the summer, these falls are little more than a trickle, but they are still very pretty and relaxing to watch. 
From this point, you climb up the side of the falls.
And the hike leads you to the beautiful Balanced Rock, a stunning rock outcropping and erosional remnant. 
All of us!

Have I mentioned that the forests at Trough Creek State Park are beautiful?
Rhododendron flowers beginning to fall.
Heading down the gorge.

There is nothing quite like seeing rhododendron flowers in the middle of the summer.
The Ice Mine is a remnant from an attempted iron mine. The mine did not work out, but the attempted mine shaft carries nice and chilly air to the surface. In the spring and early summer when the seasonal warmth shows up, the condensation from the warm air freezes on the walls of this cave. By this point, the ice had melted, but the rush of cold air provides some nice and natural air conditioning to cool you down after some hikes.
Some of the other hikes in the region include the spectacular Standing Stone Trail, which is open to distance hikers and day hikers and includes places like the Throne Room and Thousand Steps. There is also the Terrace Mountain Trail, and more. Raystown has so much to offer for those who seek outdoor adventure and hikes for all skill levels.

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