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Lambs Hill Overlook, A Stunning View in Bradford County

There are some things that we seem to naturally gravitate to on our page here. Among these things are amusement parks, waterfalls, covered bridges, hiking opportunities, historic sites, railroads, roadside stuff and more. The thing that tends to capture my attention more than almost anything in the state are Pennsylvania's stunning scenic overlooks and vistas. The rugged terrain of the state lends itself to having so many tremendous views. With this plethora of views, many of these scenic overlooks tend to get overlooked. One such place like this is the Lambs Hill Vista/Overlook in Bradford County. Tucked away, deep on a state forest road, is a maintained picnic area and clearing by the DCNR to open up access to this great view on the eastern edge of Tioga State Forest.
You are greeted with a tremendous view of rolling hills, farmland, and a view at 2322 feet from the edge of the Appalachian High Plateau, over the the Glaciated Low Plateau, with the High Plateau picking up again out in the distance. Due to the resistance of the sandstone at this location to weathering, it has remained while the remnants for the next 900-1000 feet below have weathered away. The result of this is just a stunning view over several geologic formations.

There are some picnic tables within feet of the clearing for the overlook. 
41.69019, -76.86679

Bradford County is filled with so many great overlooks, amongst these are the Marie Antoinette and Wyalusing Rocks Overlooks. For more of the state's fantastic scenic overlooks and vistas, check out our list of more than 50 of the state's great vistas and overlooks

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