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Kennerdell Overlook in Autumn: A View Over the Allegheny River in Venango County

The Kennerdell Overlook, along the Allegheny River in Venango County, is just stunning in the fall. We visited towards the end of October last year and there was just this stunning glow of gold. 
We just wanted to take it in and never leave. This is one of our favorite scenic overlooks in Western Pennsylvania. The drive to it from Pittsburgh is just gorgeous. It is perfect for a quiet and aimless afternoon drive.
The curvy Allegheny River, making aggressive cuts through the plateau geology of the region is so neat to see.
For more information on how to get to the overlook, and a historical background on it, check out our other article on it at this link.

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  1. I just have to shout out to you! My husband and I were there the same day you were trying out your "new" camera equipment! Looks like it worked well! Pictures are great! It was a great view and a great day! Shine on!


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