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Skating in Center City Philly at the Rothman Skating Rink at Dilworth Park and City Hall

In the winter, the Rothman Rink has become a fine tradition for ice skating in Center City Philadelphia, in Dilworth Park and the shadow of City Hall. For 2021, they have added a roller rink, which is absolutely awesome. It is a place with a tremendous atmosphere that is a ton of fun. It was initially supposed to run through June, but the immense popularity of the rink has lead them to extend through July. I hope the roller rink becomes a mainstay for Dilworth Park, for it is as lively and lovely as the winter ice rink, and Center City Philadelphia is an awesome place to take in on a warm summer evening. 
It is cool skating is the shadow of City Hall and the Center City Philadelphia skyline. 

 For more information on hours and visiting, check out their website at https://centercityphila.org/parks/dilworth-park/rothman-roller-rink 

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