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Seeing the Betsy Ross House: A Story of American Entrepreneurship and Adversity

One of the most American stories in the mythology of the nation happened right at this spot, the "Betsy Ross House" in the Old City area of Philadelphia. While the reason she became as famous as she is now is because of the mythology around the creation of the American Flag, perhaps the most incredible aspect of how she got into that position in the first place is her story of being a pioneer in American entrepreneurship, independent spirit, skilled artisanship, and in being a female owner of a flourishing business in a time in which women did not often lead business in the colonies and in the early years of our country. She was twice left a widower when her first two husbands had been killed in the revolution. Her first husband, John Ross, died after two years of marriage. Her second marriage to Joseph Ashburn ended in tragedy as well, with him getting captured on the high seas by the British and left to die their prisons. John Claypoole, the man who brought to news of Joseph's death, ended up marrying her and their union would last 30 years. She managed to lead her Philadelphia upholstery business through the Revolution and all of this upheaval in her personal life for many decades.

While the origins of the story of her actually creating the flag are considered false or unverifiable by most historians, since first mentions of this did not happen until her grandkids made the claim in 1870, her prowess as an early American entrepreneur are impressive no matter what. Even if she did not make or design the first American Flag, we definitely do know that her seamstress skills were put to use to make American Flags during the War of 1812. 

The "Betsy Ross House" is a stunning piece of colonial architecture, but it is also believed that the actual Betsy Ross House was not saved, but rather a house in the plot adjacent to it, which was actually torn down for fire protection of this house, was where she actually lived. Over the holidays, the plot where it is believed her house was actually located is home to a beautiful holiday display. In the spring and summer months, the plot is home to a garden and the transplanted burial site of Betsy Ross.

A holiday tree in the plot where many believe the Betsy Ross House was actually located. 

Even if the history of the mythology around Betsy Ross was not fully accurate, the American Patriotism surrounding this spot has made it iconically important to the history of this country. Philadelphia's Flag Day celebrations have been located at this location. Even if the wrong building was saved, it is still a fine example of a homestead from the colonial era and well worth checking out, especially when it is all decked out for the holidays. Head to 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia to see it. 

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-Knoebels Amusement Resort 

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-Tank Hollow Overlook above the Lehigh Gorge in the Poconos 

-The Reading Pagoda 

-Kennywood Park 

-Mercer's Mill Covered Bridge in Chester and Lancaster Counties 

-Academia-Pomeroy Covered Bridge in Juniata County

-Ohiopyle State Park 

-A holiday scene in Pittsburgh 

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2022 PA Calendar and PA Amusement Parks Book Purchase Options

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