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6+ Raystown Lake Scenic Overlooks and Vistas

There are lots of great places to take in scenic views at Raystown Lake. Specifically at Raystown Dam you get views of the Juniata River valley to get a sense of what the valley looked like before it was filled in with the lake, and in the other direction towards the lake you get a view of the giant lake itself. On the river side, you can even get views of eagles and an eagles nest. 

Coordinates to Recreation Area at Dam:

40.431419, -78.006977

If you continue up the road to the dam, you also get a look at the start of the lake from this cool amphitheater area that is built like a pagoda, giving a great place to both reflect and take in views of the lake.

Hawn Overlook at Sunset
Up at the Hawn and Ridenour Overlooks you get sweeping high level vistas of the lake. 
Parking Area Coordinates:
40.431635, -78.016826
Ridenour Overlook. On this particular visit we watched an eagle glide around for like 20 minutes.
Ridenour gives a view of the dam and lake and is especially great for bird watching and it within feet of a parking area. 
Hawn's Overlook is just a few hundred feet walk down a trail from the parking area that give sweeping views of the lake. It is especially cool at sunset and approaching dusk. You can see the boats go by and their lights from all the way up at this vantage point and they look so small. 
The Seven Points Recreation Area has lots of places to take in scenic views of the lake and the valley in which it is located, and multiple places to take a dip in the water, fish, canoe, kayak, boat, camp, walk or bike along the shoreline. 
The Coffee Run Overlook is roadside on a pull off from Route 994. It gives a great view of the lake, across the lake from the area of the Lake Raystown Resort. 
40.316226, -78.179576

Raystown Lake is a beautiful place for sightseeing and relaxing and it is well within weekend trip distance of most people within the state. For all of the articles we have written on Raystown Lake Destinations, check out this link. 

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  1. Haven’t fished there since the 60’s!


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