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Buttonwood Covered Bridge, Lycoming County

Buttonwood Covered Bridge in Lycoming County is a cute little span in a rugged rural spot. A lumber operation runs adjacent to it, showcasing the heritage that led to the bridge getting built in the first place. The symbolism is not lost on me. Often times, the mill or commercial activity around the bridge 
I understand the importance of the so called "headache bars" for ensuring people follow the height requirement. Aesthetically displeasing, but sadly necessary. Either way though, this is a neat span. It is 74 feet long and crosses Blockhouse Creek. 

It has Queen Post Construction with a King Post Truss. Some sources say it was built in 1898, and other sources say it was built in 1878. Origins look murky. Lycoming County takes care of its preservation and really does a nice job with things. 

You can see this bridge if you look to the east on US 15/Interstate 99 in Jackson Township, Lycoming County, and is located on Covered Bridge Road. It is a fine spot to get out and stretch your legs if you are on a road trip out this way. 

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