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Advertising and Business Opportunities

Do you have a business, destination, product, service, or something else that you want to boost awareness of to travelers in Pennsylvania? If so, getting featured on Interesting Pennsylvania is a great option for you.
Our page is viewed tens of thousands of times a month with people who come to our page to plan their travels around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the state of New York, and other surrounding states, to find destinations to explore. We have travelled all over the state and have a successful website, and have even written a book that caters to individuals traveling around Pennsylvania. 
We offer a variety of advertising options for those interested in having their company or destination featured on our site. Traffic information and pricing for banner advertisements are available upon request. 
Does your business cater to individuals traveling to Pennsylvania and other surrounding states? No matter if you run a tourism bureau, restaurant, tourist attraction, hotel, bookstore, coffee shop, gift shop, or something else, hosting a visit by Interesting Pennsylvania can help you reach thousands of Pennsylvania travelers.
As Pennsylvania authors, residents, and travelers, we have traveled across the entire state. As curators of Interesting Pennsylvania, we have visited hundreds of different points of interest throughout the state. As authors, we have covered destinations throughout the Pennsylvania. Our insights are taken in by thousands of individuals each month and we strive to get the word out about the best experiences to take in for travelers across Pennsylvania and beyond.
For more information on sponsoring a visit to your destination or business, please contact us using the email below.
When contacting us, please include why you believe a visit by us would benefit patrons, your location, and what expenses you are willing to cover in a visit. 

If inquiring about advertising, please include some information about your business and how you believe we can best help your needs.
For any questions or requests for information, please contact us at greatpaparks@gmail.com

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