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Interesting Pennsylvania

We have created this blog as a place for more in depth analysis about the places that make our state interesting. We have lost many places over the years that preserve the fabric of our communities such as amusement parks like the late Willow Grove Park, San Souci Park, West View Park and others.

We are on the verge of losing another great place, Conneaut Lake Park, if we do not band together and support the park now and over the summer.

The old Bethlehem Steel Blast Furnaces in Bethlehem have been long abandoned in producing steel, but they have recently been re purposed to create a spectacular concert venue, creating a model for places with abandoned and historic places.

Not all old and abandoned places in Pennsylvania are historical but I still find them interesting nonetheless. This abandoned hotel near Presque Isle in Erie is weird with how thriving the area around it is. I always observe places from the outside.

Not all of the wonders the state offers have to be man made either. This is a view of the beautiful ice formations on Lake Erie at Presque Isle State Park.

We will work to cover these and many other places. If you have places covered or would like to contribute to this in any way, please feel free to comment or message us with interesting places that you have visited and we can feature them on our Facebook page or in the blog here.

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