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Holiday Inn 1950s Roadside Americana, Altoona, PA

I found this postcard of a generic 1950s or 1960s era Holiday Inn hotel sign. On the back of it it mentions the location as 2915 Pleasant Valley Boulevard, Altoona, PA. We know it is from the 1950s or 1960s thanks to "The Nation's Innkeeper" slogan, and the presence of John Holiday, the guy on the bottom right that looks like an explorer.
This illustrates a classic piece of roadside americana. I can just picture walking into the hotel, getting a meal at the restaurant, and hearing some lounge singer play in a smoky room. My imagination could be wrong on this image, but nonetheless, this postcard is pretty cool.
The hotel appears to have become a Quality Inn at some point. The latest hotel review, as of 2010, mentions the hotel being dated. In October of 2013 on Google Maps, it shows the building appearing to have been converted into an office building of some sort.

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