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Holiday Things to Do: Phipps Conservatory in Oakland, Pittsburgh

As much as I am into the research, preservation, and revitalization of old buildings and institutions, I am also a huge supporter of the landmarks, organizations, and institutions that have survived and made, and continue to make, our state special. Without supporting the institutions that we have, we will see more of the buildings and places that we love fall into disuse. 

Last night we checked out the beautiful holiday displays at Phipps Conservatory in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh. This place is gorgeous during every season, but it really sparkles during the holiday season.
 They have beautiful lights and Christmas trees everywhere!
 The glass centerpiece in the entry rotunda is always a sight to see.
 In the entryway to the gardens, in the center of the complex, they have a musical group serenade everyone. A school band was there last night, playing some great songs and closing out with Stevie Wonder's "This Christmas." 
 The Chihuly Glass sculptures throughout the gardens are just phenomenal.
The seasonal room here is all decked out for the holidays and it features a changing light display that you can see from outside of the building. The glasswork in the building is as stunning as the array of gardens. 
 Brit playing with her new camera! 
 Dozens of Christmas trees of many different varieties are scattered throughout the complex.
This is such a relaxing place to visit
 Now on to Brit's favorite room, the orchid room!
 More beautiful glasswork
 The outdoor gardens are beautifully adorned with lights.
 Brit in action!
 Fisheye! You can see the VA Hospital in the upper right of this photo.
These light things are pretty awesome. I am not sure of what they are called, but they are really cool. 

You can see an orange light shining in the top center of the picture. It is the beacon of Oakland on top of Pitt's Cathedral of Learning 
The coolest thing about these is the fact that they look very different in each direction, along with the coloring. 
This Rosemary plant has been in training since 1991. I hope to get my Rosemary like this one day. My Rosemary plant has been growing for two years. 
The miniature train display is loosely themed, with a coal mine, volcano, logging operation, and more.
And bears!
Did I say that the holiday displays are amazing?
Another type of Christmas Tree
Did you roll that snowman through the grass or something?
Now to the centerpiece tree of the display:
And a surfing grassy snowman!
That is keeping one eye on the tree and the other on us!
So beautiful
Fishing bears!
The beauty of the Phipps gardens and displays is matched by the architectural beauty of the structures.
No fisheye!
We couldn't get enough of the beauty in this room.
Fisheye again!
I highly recommend visiting Phipps Conservatory during the holiday season and during all of their displays throughout the year. Here are reports that I wrote about the Spring Flower Show earlier this this year: part one and part two

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