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Winter Drive Part 4: More Mount Davis! With High Point Lake

Today we will continue with Mt. Davis and our winter drive. So far we have hit Seven SpringsTrenthouse Inn and Laurel Hill State Park, Somerset's Wind Belt and part of Mt. DavisToday we will finish our look at Mount Davis. This vantage point is from roughly 3200 feet. High Point Lake is at roughly 2400 feet and about four miles away.
 The lake was completely frozen over.
 I could stay in this spot for hours. There is something so soothing about the quiet. Nothing but the sounds of a breeze rustling the tree branches.
 It was a perfect day.

 What are all of those dots?
 Zoom test! Oh look, fishermen!
A zoom test video! 

Mount Davis is a really neat place. There is a network of roads that shows even more cool views of the area. We opted to not continue just because of the steep hills and untreated conditions. These views from the top of the mountain are really something else. Be sure to take the opportunity to visit this spectacular vista, the tallest in the state. 

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