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Winter Drive Part 7: Wisp Mountain, McHenry, Maryland

Today we finish our winter drive from last weekend that was compromised of stops at Seven SpringsTrenthouse Inn and Laurel Hill State ParkSomerset's Wind Country and Mount Davis (parts one and two) and Ohiopyle State Park (parts 1 and two

The last stop on our winter drive was to go to Wisp Mountain at Deep Creek Lake, McHenry, Maryland. It sounds like it is pretty far away, but it is pretty close to the border of Pennsylvania. As with our stop at Seven Springs earlier in the day, we did not end up skiing, though I did snag a ride on their mountain coaster, something that I would like to see built at other local ski resorts. 
These mountain coaster contraptions operate year-round and provide quite the thrill in the winter weather.
 Nobody was showboating on the snowboarding jumps when I was there, darn...
The snow looked like it was in pretty decent shape. 
These are fun shots to take.
This is a really nice ski resort, with decent facilities, decent looking trails, and a wide variety of activities. I really want to ski again, but a health condition with my foot may prevent me from doing so again. I want to push through it, but I feel that it might be foolish. I have the ski bug in me though and that is pretty tough to shake. Anyways, definitely check out Wisp!

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