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Mystery: "In the Glen, Towanda, PA" 1907 Postcard

Here is a bit of a mystery for you. One of the coolest things about finding old postcards is piecing together the puzzle. We have a waterfall here that was once an attraction in 1907. It seems to either be overlooked or possibly destroyed at some point since. The likely result is that it is private property now, but here is the postcard along with the writing on it.
In the Glen, Towanda, PA
Postmark: New Albany, PA, 13 December 1907 REC'D.
To: Miss Mita Hibbard
New Albany
R.F.D. #48
"Cards are to small"
Made in Germany. A. C. Bosselman & Co,. New York.
Your card was read this morning was glad to hear from you. It does seem a long time since you left. If you don't come down before going to Sayre why not write the first of the week. Would be very glad to have your sister come down. 
The closest thing I found in a search to this can be found in this video. It looks similar to the postcard and it is in the general vicinity of Towanda. Any of you waterfall chasers have any clues with this? If you have any photos, please feel free to share them.

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