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Buttermilk Falls, Indiana County, PA

So we visited our third "Buttermilk Falls," with the other two being the famous one up in Ithaca, NY, and the other being in Beaver County, PA. This Buttermilk Falls is supposed to be the tallest set of falls in Western Pennsylvania. It is also very special because it once had a cottage where Fred Rogers spent much of his childhood. Many of the ideas that he came up with for his show, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, were conceived on this tranquil property.
 It is that odd moment in the year where it does not really feel like any season. The fall leaves lie on the ground, some snow and ice still remains, but the temperatures are in the 50s. 
 Some of the fall leaves are still intact on the trees even.

 The view from the top
 Not too far down
The community has opened this land up into a public park, for everyone to enjoy the falls. They were nice enough to even make a handicap accessible viewing platform, so that all can enjoy the beauty of these falls. 
 We didn't venture up the gorge, but there is a series of two or three small waterfalls further up the gorge from the largest set of falls. 
This is a nice set of falls in a very tranquil area. If I lived closer to these falls, I would definitely spend some more time there. It seems like a great place to take a couple of chairs to and have a picnic lunch. It is great to see that the community has come together to open this natural beauty up to the public. 

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