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Perkins Cove, Maine

On July 3rd we got married in the Finger Lakes region of New York, where Brit grew up. We set off for Maine on our road trip honeymoon. Our first sightseeing stop was at the beautiful Perkins Cove, Maine. This quaint town at the bottom of Maine is a relaxing place, with a manual drawbridge, little shops, and lots of lobsters. 
 It is hard to go anywhere in coastal Maine and not see Lobster traps. Lobster season is just starting.
 A small waterfall leads into the Perkins Cove basin.
The village area with many small shops, including a counter service restaurant that serves lobster. Only in Maine!
 There is this beautiful area with benches were you can look out onto the inlet and out to the ocean. This is just an absolutely gorgeous area.
 I love the Maine rocky coastlines. One of nature's most dramatic views is of waves crashing into a rocky coastline.
 The harbor, filled with lobster boats. Perkins Cove is a gorgeous place that is definitely worth a stop on a road trip through Maine.

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