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Horseshoe Curve, Altoona, PA

Windshield shot of the road tunnel into the Horseshoe Curve area!
 Acid mine drainage. There is a containment trough that this runs into that ends up in a treatment plant to take care of the damage inflicted by the old coal mine. Hopefully we learn from the lessons of the past when it comes to the devastating pollution.
 The cut out of trees in the mountain is the southern rim of the Curve.
 The visitor's center and station to the small incline that takes you up to the level of the curve.
 An old observation sign.
This small funicular takes you to the observation level of the Curve. The bend in the track is where the cars pass each other as one goes up and the other goes down at the same time. This nifty design enables the cars to move on one track for the majority of the trip, likely making this a more affordable venture. This design is likely also good for places with space constraints.
 Old observation sign explaining the watershed area that makes up the valley under the curve. Great precautions are taken with the watershed to keep the acid mine drainage contained away from the drinking water supplies.
 Here we go up the funicular!
 This is such a nifty design.
 Looking down at the incline track from the top.
 The beautiful view out of the Curve and the valley in which Altoona is located. You can also see the watershed within the middle of the view.
Here is the Pennsylvania Railroad's PRR 7048 diesel-electric locomotive. It was put into service in the 1950s and then retired in 1986 and donated to the curve, with a paint job restored to its original paint design. 
 This is a beautiful place to be, even if no trains are going.
 I think Brit spots a train!
 Nothing yet!
 Can still hear it in the distance! Such a cool place

 Two locomotives on this Norfolk Southern Train
 Just some containers
 And UPS tractor trailers! The intermodal logistics between rail and trucking are pretty awesome. The thought that they can take this across the country to a waiting truck to haul right off is pretty awesome. I wonder how many packages were on this train? There were at least ten of these trailers.
 Hmmm what can brown do for you? Can it tell me what is in the next set of containers?
 It's a mystery that is none of my business.
 Brit having a great time taking photos.
 There were dozens of people watching the trains and picnicking on that relaxing Saturday afternoon. My only wish is that they would clear some of the brush in the area looking out into the Curve to open up the view, and maybe even add something like a fire tower or observation tower similar to the one at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center at Presque Isle State Park in Erie.
 Two locomotives and no traditional caboose? I guess UPS delivers as a caboose.
The train covered a good chunk of the nearly half mile length of the Curve. It is pretty amazing to me how efficient these locomotives are to be able to transport this much product with such little power. It is especially efficient when compared to delivery by tractor trailer. According to CSX, the locomotives can carry up to 3000 tons of cargo and move one ton of freight 480 miles.
 The little birds were hopping and looking like they were playing some game with each other. 
 Back to the trains again and good old PRR 7048 standing guard.
 Had a pretty awesome afternoon at Horseshoe Curve!
and our next stop is at the awesome Lakemont Park, here on our other page.

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