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The Former Ing-Rich Manufacturing, Beaver Falls, PA

Ingram Richardson, aka Ing-Rich Manufacturing, was once located in Beaver County and made some of the best porcelain products. Early license plates and street signs were made by them. This was a lucrative business, with the bulk of all license plates being made by them at the start of the 20th century. The company made a wide array of porcelain goods. They had other plants, including one in Indiana County that ended up becoming a superfund site. This abandoned plant surely has some of the same major pollution problems. It sits abandoned with one building partially collapsed, and the rest of the grounds being used as a junk yard car depository. It is fitting that these vehicles will likely be melted down at some point and that this site was purchased from a former steel mill. It is almost as if the site has gone full circle. The plant closed way back in 1967. Many of the industrial areas in Beaver Falls are like this. Sections of the town are like they are lost in time. Don't get me wrong though, the town is very nice, especially Geneva College, the jewel of the town in my opinion. 


  1. Wow this is an amazing story. This part of history makes me wonder off in time.i ran across a metal table made by this com.great shape but missing a few things

  2. I have 1910 Pennsylvania license plate with ING-RICH info on the back. It was my grandfather's for his first car when he was 16.


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