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Robinson Falls, Connellsville, PA

Today we visit Robinson Falls, said to be the first recorded geologic documentation within the state of Pennsylvania by one of the settlers. In January 28, 1786, James Hutchins, the man appointed as "Geographer of the United States," the only person to ever hold this official government title, reported it to the American Philosophical Association in Philadelphia, and this goes down in history as the first official geological observation in the state. Some evidence says that he made these observations in the summer of 1784, when he was helping survey the Mason-Dixon Line. The falls are located on the western edge of Connellsville on Opossum Run, approximately a half mile before it flows into the Youghiogheny River. The falls are roughly 22 feet tall.
A Catawba Indian Warpath that ran from New York to North Carolina, was located along the falls. The view from the top:

 Slowing it down a bit....
There was some good flow today. 
The falls are generally unremarkable when compared to other area falls, but as all waterfalls do, the falls still attract me. These falls seem to go almost unnoticed in the area when compared to the other falls, but something about them really resonated with Thomas Hutchins, a man who had traveled around the the lands and future lands of the United States. He had deep ties to Western Pennsylvania, dating back to the French and Indian War. He was born in 1730 and died in 1789 when surveying the "Seven Ranges" in eastern Ohio. Something piqued his interest in these falls, and his reporting of these seemingly unremarkable falls 
 The view of the small limestone gorge. With how much damage the region faced with old industry and mining, it is pretty remarkable that these falls have sat practically undisturbed for this long. The namesake of the falls, James Robinson, opened up a small mill and distillery on the site.

The descent to the bottom was pretty easy, so those of you who like to check out falls will have an easy time checking them out.
 The view from the top.

Just beyond the intersection of Falls Avenue and Independence Avenue you will see a bridge. Just before the bridge, there is room for a couple cars to park along the side of the road. The falls are no more than 50 feet from that spot. 

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