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Allentown Lil' Le-Hi Trout Hatchery

Allentown's Lil' Le-Hi Trout Hatchery, one of my favorite places to spend some time relaxing, feeding the fish, watching the beautiful native fish jump for flies in the creek, watching people fly fishing in the creek, and just the overall beauty of the area.

The neighboring Museum of Indian Culture is an excellent facility that is the oldest museum on Native Americans in the state. The museum focuses upon the Lenni Lenape tribe that traditionally inhabited parts of modern day northeastern Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania, all of new Jersey, and most of eastern New York State.

The grounds are an excellent place to walk around and relax. Brit is on the left, my sister Taryn is second from the left, my mother is second from the right, and my father is on the right.

 The Little Lehigh Creek flows adjacent to the fish hatchery.
I borrowed Brit's camera when we went here and did not have the feel to catch the trout jumping up to catch some flies. There were some fly fishermen out. This is a catch and release "heritage area,"  that I believe is for fly fishing only. The Little Lehigh Creek has some of the best trout waters in the state, but this part of the creek is especially excellent for the trout. 
 These fish were fierce, jumping up to catch the flies as the sun was dipping. The colors on these fish were spectacular.
 The ducks were pretty funny as well.
 The hatchery has about a dozen of these troughs where trout at different stages of life are raised. There is Brit having a great time.
 There is my father and Taryn.
 This is a great place for families of fish and people to mingle.
The Lil Le-Hi Trout Hatchery is one of my favorite places to go and relax. The Little Lehigh Creek itself is a pretty awesome place to spend some time, between the Trout Hatchery, the Museum of Indian Culture, and the Little Lehigh Park just downstream, the crown jewel of the Allentown Parks System. Little Lehigh Park is home to Allentown's holiday Lights in the Parkway, the historic Bogert Covered Bridge, in addition to some more excellent trout waters. As with many of the awesome community attractions throughout Allentown and the Lehigh Valley, Henry Clay Trexler, funded the completion of both the Trout Hatchery and Little Lehigh Park. Be sure to check out the often overlooked natural side of Allentown for some relaxing fun.
Here is the location of the Lil' Le-Hi Trout Hatchery. Within close distance you can find the Little Lehigh Park along with the historic Bogert Covered Bridge, and the many other things that Allentown has to offer.

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