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Sunset at Hawn's Overlook, One of the Grandest Views in PA, Raystown Lake, Huntingdon County

Hawn's Overlook, just a few hundred feet from the Ridenour Overlook, is one of the finest overlooks in the state. It faces westbound, giving a fantastic view of Raystown Lake and the Juniata Valley, especially at sunset. 
Watching the moon rise and the sun set at this overlook is one of the most spectacular views you can get at any vista. Additionally, you can see the boats go by on Raystown Lake, the largest lake that is within the borders of Pennsylvania. The overlook feels so secluded and is one of the best in the state, given the expanse of view that it shows.
When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie!

The setting sun over the lake and the Juniata Valley. On the other side of this point is the Ridenour Overlook, looking over the giant dam that impounds the lake.
There was a small storm cell that was heading east from Pittsburgh. We drove through it and it fizzled out before it arrived at Raystown. The result was a spectacular painting in the sky with the sunset.
We went out on our second night to take in the sunset/moon rise from the overlook as well, since we wee so impressed with the overlook.
It was a perfectly clear day, but the light clouds created a spectacular sight with the setting sun.
Brit loving the view!
Watching the sun set at Hawn's Overlook was so spectacular that we ended up visiting it for two sunsets. As you've seen Raystown Lake is spectacular to check out from all vantage points, whether it be at the lake, on the lake, or from above it. We still have lots to check out from our visit to Raystown! Hawn's Overlook is located at the end of a short trail that runs from the parking area at the Ridenour Overlook. 

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