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Bethlehem's Moravian Book Shop: Oldest Bookstore in North America

Bethlehem is always a joy to visit, and one of its most vibrant institutions is the Moravian Book Shop. It is the oldest bookstore in North America, and second oldest in the world to Lisbon, Portugal's Bertrand Book Store, though that store has not remained in continuous operation. Moravian Book Shop dates back to 1745, and has continuously operated since that point, making it the world's longest continuously operating book store. It was previously known as the Bethelhemer B├╝cher Shop and moved to Philadelphia for two years in 1856. The shop returned to Bethlehem in 1858, opened in its current building in 1867. It acquired its current name in 1905. As soon as you walk in, you know you are visiting a special place. It is an inviting place, with lots of great books, nifty gifts, a nice cafe, and a sprawling bookstore that has expanded into a number of adjacent buildings over the years.

In addition to books, the store is home to a nice deli, a specialty food store, and the Moravian-Bethlehem Room, which specializes in local and traditionally Moravian items, including Moravian/Advent Stars, 26 point stars that are traditionally hung in windows and on porches. 
Historic Hotel Bethlehem 
It is located at the heart of the Moravian Historic District, adjacent to the church grounds, Moravian College, the historic Hotel Bethlehem, and the Colonial Industrial Quarter.
The shop has an excellent collection of books, a true gem of the community.

When we first released our book, Great Pennsylvania Amusement Parks Road Trip, the Moravian Book Shop graciously hosted a book signing for us. 
As soon as you walk into the Moravian Book Shop, it is clear that this is a special place and it is immediately evident why it has remained a staple in Bethlehem for the better part of three centuries. A stroll through the store, and historic downtown Bethlehem, is a must for any history lover. Bethlehem has intact historical institutions, buildings, remnants, and more, that run from colonial times all the way to today. It is a truly special place to visit and we highly recommend it. 

For more information on how to visit, check out their website at www.moravianbookshop.com

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