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West Newton Bridge, West Newton, PA, Westmoreland County

The West Newton Bridge is a stunning iron truss bridge crossing the Youghiogheny River. West Newton is the Great Allegheny Passage Rail Trail from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. is a cool borough that reminds you of a small mountain village. The bridge carries state Route 136 and survived the removal of many other similar bridges, including the similar recent removal of the nearby century old Donora-Webster Bridge.
West Newton Bridge - Built in 1907 and rehabilitated in 1984, located in West Newton, PA, Westmoreland County
The simple star adornment at the end is a pretty neat decoration. 
Each truss is approximately 160 feet long and this bridge creates a beautiful entry into this little borough, and a stunning centerpiece. As this type of bridge continues to dwindle, I hope that the state continues to preserve this beauty.

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