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Gross/Klinepeter Covered Bridge: Snyder County

The Gross/Klinepeter Covered Bridge in Snyder County is a perfectly maintained span that dates back to 1871. It was threatened with the creation of a dam on its original tributary, Brush Creek, and it was moved in 1982 to its present location. It is clear that they take great care in maintaining this bridge, a refreshing thing to see after having seen the site of the former Dimmsville Covered Bridge earlier in the day. The Dimmsville Bridge collapsed from sheer neglect back in April. It is clear that both the village of Beaver Springs, and Snyder County, take pride in this covered bridge.
The bridge measures in at 100 feet and utilizes Burr Arch-Truss construction.

The area surrounding Beaver Springs is very beautiful. The valleys are filled with farmland, only interrupted by the large surrounding mountains.

GPS Coordinates:
40.746944, -77.211806

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