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Autumn Adventures at the Allegheny Reservoir

Today we explore the Allegheny Reservoir and Allegheny National Forest Recreation areas. These areas are beautiful. A hint of fall color makes the area even more beautiful. 
Just below the dam for the Reservoir
For more background on the area, and places to check out, including Bent Run Falls, and more, check out this article. The creation of the reservoir more than 50 years ago is something that took away large portions of land from the Native American Seneca Nation of Western NY. 10,000 acres of the most fertile land that was under Seneca Nation Control was taken, roughly a third of all of their land. The flooding of the land broke a treaty that dated back to the days of George Washington. The building of the dam even inspired a protest song by Johnny Cash and Pete Seeger. 
Johnny Cash and Pete Seeger: "As Long As the Grass Shall Grow"
Jakes Rocks:
41.849347, -78.981958
One thing that is unmistakeable about the area is its incredible beauty. There are numerous overlooks throughout the gorge of the Allegheny River. This is Jakes Rocks, with a view overlooking the Kinzua Dam, Allegheny Reservoir, and river.
The other side of the Jakes Rocks area gives a tremendous view of the Allegheny Reservoir. Each tributary to the reservoir in this area has an impressive gorge associated with it, and each of those locations have transformed into "bays" in the reservoir. 
The woods in this area are gorgeous
Kinzua Point:
41.858386, -78.963366
The view from Kinzua Point
Rimrock Overlook:
41.845159, -78.946056
Now to the Rimrock Overlook. There is a short walk to the overlook, no more than a tenth of a mile. You can also hike up to the overlook from the bottom of the gorge.
A little bit of boardwalk
A taste of the spectacular views!
The overlook sits atop a giant rock formation

For those of you who are brave, a stairway takes you down to the bottom of the boulders, said to have been built by Chief Cornplanter himself. The Cornplanter Steps are pretty awesome, though there does not seem to be any definitive proof they were made by him. 
This experience is reminiscent of climbing through the cliff dwellings in the Southwest
Some more boulders! This is certainly one of the largest, if not the largest, rock city overlook within the state. Rimrock is gorgeous.
There were swarms of ladybugs throughout the reservoir area, more than I have ever seen.

Allegheny National Forest/Allegheny Reservoir area is simply gorgeous. It is well worth checking out. Head up the shores of the reservoir and head into New York and into the Seneca Nation's Reservation. This area is beautiful, especially in the fall.

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