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2017 Clarion Autumn Leaf Festival

Today we stop by the Clarion Autumn Leaf Festival in the PA Great Outdoors Region. This annual celebration features amusement rides, countless vendors, and everything that the businesses of downtown Clarion have to offer. 
They have a great collection of classic amusement rides located next to the beautiful Clarion County Courthouse building. 

The many great businesses in downtown Clarion are open as well, including the awesome Clarion River Brewing Company
Deer Creek Winery is located right nearby, with fantastic wines, great entertainment, and an inn with luxurious rooms. 

There is lots to see throughout the surrounding region, including Cook Forest State Park, home to some terrific old growth forest, Rapp Run Falls, old industrial remnants, and the overall beauty of the Clarion River Valley. The celebration runs through this weekend, though many of the places that we mentioned are well worth a visit at any time of the year. 

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