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Spectacular Christmas Display in Ambridge, Beaver County

In honor of the holiday, we will look at this fantastic house in Ambridge, a small and old mill town that was built around the old American Bridge Company, along the Ohio River in Beaver County. The borough was initially branched off of Old Economy Village, a communal Christian settlement in the 19th Century. The village is preserved nearby as a living history museum. 
We had heard great things about this house and decided to drop in and check it out. 
The decorations of this house have won national awards, and I am fully convinced that they could not possibly fit more lights onto each square inch of this house and yard. 
Bob Dunn estimates that he has hung over 20,000 lights at his house. If that was not enough, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and an elf show up to greet everyone that drops by the visit. They even have a donation box to give to St. Jude's. Annually they raise roughly 2000 dollars for this great organization. 
Overall, we highly recommend visiting this awesomely decorated house. It is well worth going out of your way to see. 

217 Maplewood Ave in Ambridge

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  1. I grew up on 1st street and it wasn't christmas till we walked by to see the lights and Christmas eve with the church bell's on 2nd street and the lights on maplewood. Merry Christmas everyone


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