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Zippo Lighter & Case Museum, Bradford, PA

Today we check out the awesome Zippo / Case Museum in Bradford, PA. This museum in Bradford talks about this history of the Zippo Lighter and Case Knife Company, which both originated in Bradford, PA.
The museum features thousands of different Zippo Lighters both on display, and for sale. It covers the pop culture impact of these lighters and is pretty neat to see.
The tour starts with "old glow'ry" a flag made with 3300 Zippo Lighters. The museum is filled with all kinds of pop art featuring their products. 

A giant lighter mechanism that is used to display some coveted lighters.
An art piece featuring some heavily worn out lighters.
The placement of a Zippo lighter in this soldier's pocket was able to save his life through deflecting a bullet.
An awesome Zippo neon sign
Zippo lighters are covered with a lifetime guarantee. If they cannot fix them, they send you a replacement unit. Here are some comically destroyed units, run over things like dump trucks, trains, thrown into wood chippers, garbage disposals, and more. These units were certainly replaced instead of repaired. There are windows that look into a shop area in which they complete all warranty repairs. 
The museum has a ton of cool neon. 
We ended up sitting and watching this audio-kinetic ball machine for at least twenty minutes or so. These things are so entertaining. 

As you leave the museum, you get a glimpse at the entire Zippo and Case product lines, at factory outlet pricing. 
If you head into town, you can see the Zippo Company's corporate headquarters, which has not only embraced the place where it originally come from, but also expanded in it. Something that is very admirable in this day and age.
Be sure to head to Bradford and check out this awesome place. 

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