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Panther Rocks, Moshannon State Forest near SB Elliott State Park, Clearfield County

One of the neatest things about the rugged and varied geology throughout Pennsylvania is the beautiful rock formations/rock cities. Central Pennsylvania is filled with great rock cities, and Panther Rocks in the Moshannon State Forest, near SB Elliott State Park is no exception. The boulders that make up this rock formation are huge and spectacular. Moss and ferns grow in the small crevasses of the large boulders. While smaller than the more famed Bilger's Rocks, these rocks are certainly worth a visit. 
The "streets" in this rock city are vertical fractures in the rock called joints that have been widened over time through the freeze and thaw cycle (information from the DCNR). One of my favorite aspects of these boulders is the uneven weathering that has lead towards to growth of moss on the rock surface. When coupled with a little bit of snow, the colors really pop out. 300 million years ago, these rocks sat at the bottom of a sea that covered the region. 
The rocks are located a few miles down an unpaved state forest road that splits off near SB Elliott State Park. There is a short walk/hike to rocks from Four Mile Road, that is no longer than a quarter mile round trip, tops. When paired with all of the surrounding beauty in Moshannon State Forest, this is well worth exploring.
Getting closer! It is an especially beautiful place to visit after some snowfall. 
Some of the moss and ferns growing on the boulders.
Mountain Laurel surrounds the rocks, which I imagine is quite a sight to see in the summer.
Trees have grown with the "streets" between the boulders
Panther Rocks is well worth checking out. The coordinates to the parking area for the rocks are:
41.143314, -78.495709

From those coordinates, you will see a sign, and the boulders out in the woods. It is a quarter mile walk/hike to the boulders with a relatively easy walk.

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