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Archbald Pothole State Park: World's Largest Glacial Pothole

Today we visit the "the world's largest glacial pothole," a roadside attraction at Archbald Pothole State Park. No axles or struts were destroyed in the making of this article for this natural occurrence is a roadside attraction, instead of being on the road itself. This geologic wonder has attracted visitors since it was found while coal mining, way back in 1884. When they set off some explosives to loosen some nearby coal, a giant load of rounded stones and water flooded through, leaving the miners fearing for their lives. Once things cleared, they noticed the hole went all the way to the surface. 1000 tons of pebbles were removed from the hole. After briefly being utilized as a mine ventilation shaft, it attracted the attention of geologists and tourists. Being located right off of US Route 6, this place became a popular roadside attraction in the infancy of the automobile age. While not worth making a special trip to, it is well worth checking out if you are passing through the area. 
The hole itself is roughly 42 feet wide by 38 feet deep. It is a nice place to check out if you are in the area.
The hole is estimated to be 13,000 years old and thought to have been created by a waterfall off of a glacier, or from the stream bed flowing off of a glacier.
In 1914, the land was given to Lackawanna County, who then proceeded to turn it into a county park. The grounds were opened up as a state park in 1964. 
A platform enables views from above.
The hole is neat to see, though I do not recommend making a long trip with this as your sole destination in mind. However, it is well worth a stop if you are in the area. It is conveniently located about 20 minutes northeast of Scranton on Route 6 and well worth checking out if it is en route to where you want to go, or if you are checking out some of the regions awesome attractions, including Steamtown, the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour, the Tunkhannock and Starucca Viaducts, and more. 

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