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A Spring Visit to Waldameer Amusement Park and Presque Isle State Park, Erie, PA

Spring means rebirth, and visiting Waldameer Amusement Park and Presque Isle State Park in Erie are awesome things to do. This past Saturday was opening day for Waldameer Amusement Park's 2018 season. At Presque Isle State Park, you can see the leaves starting to pop out, and lots of young wildlife just beginning their lives.
A weeping cherry tree and Waldameer's Ferris Wheel
 Ravine Flyer II celebrates its tenth season this year. This fantastic ride is one of the top wooden roller coasters in the world. For more information on our visit to the park, check out our trip report on our other page. 

What visit to Erie is complete without at least one stop at Sara's in Erie. Their burgers, hot dogs, shakes, ice cream, and more, are absolutely fantastic. 
Regardless of the weather or the season, visiting Presque Isle State Park is always one of our favorite places to explore. We try to get to this state park at least once a season, to see the beautiful scenes, wildlife, and more. This state park is like heaven to us.
 Coming in for a landing!
 There were many Canadian Geese wandering with their young.  
 What kind of bird is this? It was pecking away at the bloom of a sumac tree.
 More geese with their young. 
 Sunning turtles!
 The dipping sun, shining through the clouds. 

As always, we had a glorious time visiting Presque Isle State Park and Waldameer Amusement Park. If you have not done so, or have not visited lately, you should definitely get back there. This place is truly beautiful and well worth venturing to as often as possible. 

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