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A Visit to Presque Isle State Park

For us, summer means visiting Presque Isle State Park. We usually take at least two trips up to Erie each summer, and then usually at least one per season after that. Seeing the wildlife, especially the waterfowl, make this an excellent place to visit at all times of the year. Different seasons mean different animals are migrating throughout this sanctuary of nature on the shores of Lake Erie. The ponds, lagoons, and wetlands of the peninsula are just teeming with wildlife and it is always so exciting just taking it all in. 
You are always sure to see beautiful scenes in the wetlands at Presque Isle State Park.
 We saw multiple Blue Herons, as we usually do, though this was the only one that stood long enough in the same place to take a shot of it.
 I always love seeing the lily pads and grasses of the park's wetlands. Through spring and summer, you are sure to see something different in bloom.
 I like how you start to see the colors change in the plants in late summer and autumn. 
 Turtles out sunbathing
 Brit holding a Monarch Butterfly
 A Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar
 We spent most of the afternoon on the beach, getting in one last swim for the summer.
Some flowering grasses in the wetlands.
 More flowers

 More wetland plant life
Naturally, we had to get in our final rides for the season at Waldameer Park, which is located right at the entrance to Presque Isle State Park. The amusement park closes for the season on Labor Day, so we had to get in our last rides for the season at the park. As always, we recommend spending time at Presque Isle State Park. You are always sure to find and see something new and exciting when you visit.

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