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RB Winter State Park Complex: RB Winter, Sand Bridge, and McCalls Dam State Parks, Bald Eagle State Forest in Central PA

There is something really special about the small state parks of the center part of the state. They are quiet places of respite that are not overcrowded since they do not serve huge metro areas. They are great places to go if you are really seeking out some quiet relaxation. The state parks are always beautifully wooded and the usually have a small lake that has an old mill dam or CCC/WPA era dam and a nice swimming area and picnic areas, usually with CCC built infrastructure buildings, cabins, and park facilities. 

The RB Winter State Park Complex fits the bill perfectly. If you are looking for a truly quiet place to get away, these places are awesome. 

Hemlock, Mountain Laurel, and Rhodendron are bountiful in this area. 

Halfway Lake at RB Winter State Park has the first of many cement and stone dam ever built by the CCC that serve as the centerpiece of public recreation areas all across the country. It is a cold water fishery year round, thanks to the constantly cold temperatures from fresh springs and the colder conditions of the area around the state park and Bald Eagle State Forest. 

RB Winter State Park is a giant 695 acre state park, though most of it can only be accessed through hiking. McCall's Dam State Park is located just a few miles away and is only eight acres in size. The picnic facilities built there date back to the CCC and the name refers to an old saw mill dam that is long gone. Sand Bridge State Park is only three acres in size and also boasts nice picnic areas. The name of that state park is a mystery because there is no sand bridge whatsoever. It is still a beautiful spot though that is worth checking out if you are in the area. RB Winter also has a full campground. 

This is a beautiful area to check out. 

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