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Interesting Pennsylvania and Beyond's 6th Anniversary : Thanks for your ongoing support!

The three of us at Big Mountain Overlook
Yet another year has passed here at Interesting Pennsylvania and Beyond and we have lots to thank you for. We are excited to be continually growing and a source for ideas for travel within Pennsylvania and beyond. As these six years have passed by, we have visited many new places, and have revisited many old favorites. The beauty of traveling within Pennsylvania is that the state's vastly different seasons give familiar views a fresh look every time you visit. The state's varying terrain provides endless opportunities to sightsee in new locations. Pennsylvania's history is legendary, and provides so many great chances to explore, research, and relive the vibrant history of the state. From the shores of Lake Erie, to the waters of the Delaware in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has so much to offer travelers in terms of resources, and affordability for travel. We welcome you along to continue with our adventures.
From scenic overlooks, to cultural institutions, businesses, eclectic art and sculptures, rugged forests and mountains, and so much more, Pennsylvania has so much to offer. We work to bring awareness to these places so you can make the most of your Pennsylvania adventures. With this process, we have steadily expanded, with tens of thousands of readers coming to our page every month, and more than 48,000 people following us on Facebook. It is wonderful being able to effectively highlight the many affordable and fun things that you can check out across Pennsylvania.
Through our other page, www.coastertalknobszone.com, which is dedicated to amusement parks, we often covered many non-amusement park related attractions across the state. After writing Great Pennsylvania Amusement Parks Road Trip, a book on Pennsylvania's ten historic and awesome amusement parks, and after a glorious visit to see the ice dunes at Presque Isle State Park on our fifth anniversary as a couple, we knew that we wanted to create Interesting Pennsylvania and Beyond to highlight travel throughout Pennsylvania.

Every place that we highlight on the page has been personally visited by us. This level of authenticity is what we aim for in order to honestly portray the places that we visit, so that you get accurate recommendations on what to expect with places when it comes to launching adventures of your own. Thanks for joining us throughout these adventures and we look forward to continuing to join us in the years ahead.

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