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Exploring Spruce Flats Bog: A Rare High Elevation Bog in the Laurel Highlands

Spruce Flats Bog is such a unique place within the landscape of Pennsylvania. Bogs are rare within the state, and higher altitude bogs are a rare occurrence anywhere. Millions of years ago, an open water pond was located here in this depression on the mountain. 
Over time, the pond filled in and became a bog. It continued to fill up with sediment and grew into a full fledged forest. In the early 1900s, lumbermen cut down the old growth hemlocks and the land reverted back into a bog.
Over time, the bog will fill up again and become a meadow and set of woodlands, but in its current status as a bog, this is beautiful spot is home to some extremely rare species of flora that can tolerate the acidic nature of the bog.

This flora includes carnivorous plants.
A boardwalk reaches out a few hundred feet into the bog, giving you a view above this neat wetland. It is pretty easy to reach, with just a simple half mile walk down a level walking trail.
It launches from the same trailhead as the Wolf Rocks Trail at Laurel Summit State Park/Forbes State Forest. It is within a few minute ride, or a short hike, from Linn Run State Park. This is one of our absolute favorite places to see in the scenic Laurel Highlands and well worth going out of your way to check out.

This is a premier place to see wildflowers in Pennsylvania. For more places that made the cut, check out this article.

The coordinates to the parking area for both the Wolf Rocks Trail and Spruce Flats Bog are
40.118513, -79.176629

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